National School Choice Week Blog

Hey everyone,

Last month I began what will be a monthly contribution to the National School Choice Week blog.

The next National School Choice Week is officially January 22-28 2012, but before and after this special annual event its supporters strive to promote “a K-12 education system that provides a wide array of options…that has the flexibility to personalize and motivate students and allow parents to choose the school that is best for their child.” Basically, this is a national movement to revitalize America’s education system, especially the public school sector.

For September’s post, I discussed the lack of school choice in rural areas and problems it creates.

When I spoke with Roberto Rodriguez, special assistant to the president for education, at an on-campus event, he said that one third of the lowest performing schools are in rural areas.

“It’s not just an urban problem,” he said. “We need to double down on this [rural] investment.”

Rodriguez calls rural schools “potential labs of change,” referring to their isolation and chance to “start over.”

“We need to make working at a rural school an attractive option for teachers,” he explained. “That’s why we’re looking into creating housing options for teachers who can move into rural areas. We also see the importance of creating distance learning partnerships with local colleges and universities.”

As a NSCW student blogger, I’ll continue to discuss issues in education throughout the months ahead.

I hope you check out some of the posts as National School Choice Week approaches.




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